For any triathletes looking for a great coach and a great team check out Tri-Hart! Coach Lee Hart and this team taught me the meaning of hard work and dedication. I owe a lot to Lee and the Tri-Hart crew for my development as a young triathlete.
Taylor Forbes
I started training with the Tri-Hart team in September 2015 after not having done any triathlons in 30 years! Lee and Natalie were incredibly supportive and helped motivate me in trying to reach my goals. Workouts were always at a level that challenged me and left me wanting for more. Having inspirational training partners made it much easier to train at a high level. Lee was always there to help with any equipment needs (I needed a new bike, I just about needed a new everything) and give general all around advice about races and training. I felt training was always tailored to meet my needs. Whether you are a beginner to the sport or a veteran, the Tri-Hart team will help you attain whatever goals you have!
Bernhard Volz
Lee Hart and the team at Tri Hart helped me get across the finish line at the 70.3 distance. Lee is a great coach that takes the time to really get to know his athletes, whether they are aiming for the podium or just trying to be a little faster than their last race. It's a great team environment with everyone supporting each other. If you are looking to join a team with excellent, personalized coaching, I would highly recommend Lee Hart and the Tri Hart team.
Kevin Vallier